Saturday, June 28, 2014

Works in progress...

Here are some of the things we have done so far ... D├ęcor is lacking, I have had a hard time finding the perfect items to complete my "vision"
pendants and blinds installed

still haven't found the perfect light for the morning room ...

furniture and rug added ... but ultimately want to get a different rug for in here ... and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the TV :)

Still need a riser built for these seats and then will add another row of 4

the big screen ... still need to find the perfect component console ...

bar ... Let's Go Pens!!

closed door is the play room and still UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! lol

Want to get new furniture eventually ... not crazy about how the cherry furniture looks with the floors

master sitting room

mirrors added


  1. What an INCREDIBLE home! So beautiful, I can't stress it enough! And refreshing to find someone who did things a bit differently. The coffered ceiling? By FAR my favorite. Our home layout doesn't really give us the ability to do that except in the living room/office so that is my plan for after the build. I figure we will give it a shot ourselves since it's such a small room. I LOVE the wood floor upstairs, especially in the master. That is our plan for the future and because my husband has officially cut me off from changing/adding anything else. Congrats on such a beautiful home! :)

    1. Thank you so much! We def wanted to step outside of the Ryan "norm" ... they were really good about letting us do non-standards so that was really helpful.

  2. What a great home! It has a very warm and inviting feeling (and you're still going)! Awesome job! I love how the mirror addition adds a little 'boom' to the bathroom. I am a huge fan of relaxing bathrooms and your soaking tub is heavenly! The theatre setup is great as well.

    1. thank you!! we have a lot to do yet but we are so in love with our home.. thanks again for the nice words!