Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ryan Homes failing to meet contract date.... Quick Update

Well my husband spoke with our project manager yesterday and he informed us that our 30 day items will be addressed around mid July and our winter items will definitely not be gotten to and completed by the contract date of June 30..  Fantastic, I have a garage door opener that does not work properly and the door going into the garage doesn't shut properly at all anymore, and my best case of them being fixed it another 2 weeks??!!  And the reason they can't get to our winter items by the contract date they provided, because they have other homes closing that need to come first.  Yup, they have our money already so who cares what issues we have or what promises we were made and not followed through on, right?

Again, ADVICE for anyone thinking of building a Ryan Home, DO NOT CLOSE in the winter or early spring... you will be forgotten about when it comes time for your concrete, ground grading, landscaping, lawn seeding, and exterior trim finishes..

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