Thursday, February 27, 2014

Complete Stone ✔, Backsplash ???

All the stonework is complete!!  It turned out great!  

And the backsplash updated pics ..... from afar it looks good ... up close that's another story.  When you start looking closely you can tell the installers were definitely not meticulous about their work.  There is some unevenness, some chipped tiles (from when they cut them) that were still installed, and it wasn't taken all he way to the cabinets because they apparently didn't want to take the time to cut more tile.  The husband is going to talk to our PM about this so hopefully it will be fixed quickly.   

you can see the pencil line where it should have been taken to......

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kitchen Backsplash

Just got back from our weekend trip to the house and the backsplash isn't complete yet but here is a look at what is up so far. Not much else to report other then the carpet was put down on the main level and upstairs so the basement is all that is left for that!  Looks like this coming week and beginning of next a lot of the odds and ends will be completed...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Nearing the finish line ...

We went over to the house last night and they have all the wood flooring down!  It's covered so I won't be able to take a picture to post, though, till after it's done I guess.  The back splash on the bar/kitchenette and kitchen have been started, we're hoping they will finish with it today so when we go over this weekend we can take some pics!  I am so in love with our choices, the kitchen looks fabulous!  In my opinion at least, lol.

So let's see, what is left ...

  • put carpeting down in bedrooms, theater room, playroom, & offices
  • put fixtures in powder room
  • paint
  • finish back splash tile work
  • replace some interior doors and door hardware
  • stain stairway and railings
  • replace foyer window
  • complete stonework on the exterior
  • install utility sink
  • complete coffered ceiling
  • change out master granite
  • clean
I think that is about it.  They were suppose to be complete next Friday (Feb 28) but it kinds seems to me it won't be till maybe the beginning part of the following week ... which is fine since it looks like we won't be closing till mid March, hopefully the 14th or 17th!

Here are a few more pics my husband took over the past week or so when he has gone over ... like I said he is OBSESSED!!  lol

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Master bath progress pics....

Shower wall that will have shower head
of course there will be more of the white tile above the mosaic band
more of the mosaic band
the granite is incorrect, that will be changed this week

Friday, February 7, 2014

And, we have stone & electricity!!!!!

We went over to the house last night since we knew the lights and heat had been turned on in the house.  It was so nice finally getting to see it under normal lighting and not having to deal with the propane heater smell!  Looks like they should be finishing up the stone either today or tomorrow, it is coming along so nice.... I love how it is coming together!!  
As for the inside, our granite was installed!!  It looks so nice and I am so happy with the color choices and the sink looks awesome.  I plan to swap out the faucet ... I want a higher one which wasn't an option through Ryan and I figure we already pushed our limits with the "non-standard" requests and this is something that is easily changed out .... I hope.  I can't wait for our pendants to go up and complete the look in the kitchen... unfortunately I'll have to though since that is an "after we close" project.  The tile work in our bathroom is about halfway done although I figure I'll wait to post the pic of that till it's closer to being done so it can all be seen together... but I am very happy with our tile choices!!!

I Knew I wouldn't like the faucet but I plan to upgrade that after we close - BUT I LOVE the sink & Granite!!