Friday, January 24, 2014

My husband is obsessed!!!

My husband couldn't wait for our weekend drive over to the house, I actually think he goes over every other day, so he went over yesterday morning and then "twisted my arm" to go over last evening to take a peak.  While over there our NEW project manager stopped by to talk to us ... we were definitely caught off guard as we had NO clue our other project manager was leaving..  Since the ground breaking I think we had talked to our old project manager a total of maybe 3 times TOPS, and one of those being via e-mail and the other being the pre-construction meeting and not sure when then 3rd would have been so maybe just 2??!!  Notice, I didn't even add the pre-drywall meeting in there, yeah, that's because he couldn't make it that day (the day he pushed to schedule it for, I might add), instead we had his assistant.  So needless to say, we aren't that torn up about getting a new guy who would like to schedule weekly IN PERSON meetings with us at the house just to make sure everything is being done correctly and to our specifications!  He seemed very nice and involved in his projects so hopefully it will be a smooth transition and the completion date will remain the same.  He did mention though needing to change the way our coffers are laid out in the family room.  He discussed it briefly with us but as it was getting dark and we had our 2 little ones with us we still left with a few questions so he is going to touch base with the Mr. today to discuss it.

The basement wet bar cabinets were slated to be put in this am and as long as that happened, Troy Granite was slated to go out this afternoon to template for the granite.  I dropped my kitchen sink off to them yesterday, hopefully the color we picked will go well with the granite..  I guess we soon shall see...

We also noticed our stone has been delivered to the house so hopefully that will go on next week.  I wanted to open a box to take a peak but it was too darn cold out (0 and below temps here in western pa lately!brrrr!).  I can't wait to see how it comes together with the brick.  

UPDATE:  the 2 leaks we had seen before the drywall was hung were addressed and the "old" PM was aware of them and correcting the issue prior to me bringing them up to him so that was at least good.  
Our HUGE angle free island!!
kitchen view from the family room

dining room shadow boxing

Monday, January 20, 2014

Everything's falling into place ....

Friday we got the lease for our current Waverly!!  We had it listed to rent and ended up getting contacted by a management leasing company and they actually wanted to lease our home to have as a corporate housing option for their clients.  After hearing the terms it was too good to pass up, it's a 10 year lease and they take care of all the maintenance, payments, utilities, and taxes ... and we just have to sit back and collect the monthly rent checks!  We even get paid when they don't have a tenant in the house.  The only downside is in the lease they wanted an option to buy the house after the 4 year mark.  We weren't sure how we felt about that since we wanted to hold onto the property for a long term investment but we just couldn't pass up the deal for the short term and we will still be making money off the deal so it turns out being a win win!

We took our weekly drive over to the house this weekend and all the cabinets and doors and such are in the garage so it looks like that will all start getting installed this week.  I can't wait to see my kitchen come together!!  The brick to all complete so the stone should be started in the next week or 2 I would guess.  No pictures this week since it was just more drywall and boring stuff ... Hopefully the next post I will have some pictures to show!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Brick & Drywall

We took our normal weekend drive over to the house today and let's just say we are IN LOVE with how the brick is looking.  We had been deciding between 2 different brick options and the hubby is very happy with the one I kept pushing for ... which is obviously the one we went with ... after all, happy wife, happy life, right??!!

I can't wait to see the stone come together with the brick, but we aren't sure when that will happen yet as the stone hasn't been delivered yet ... and our project manager is, let's just say, less then informative.  Which, as long as my end project is everything I want it to be, I am fine with that.

The drywall is all hung throughout the house so they will just have to mud and sand it this week.  While walking through the house though, we noticed 2 leaks.  The one was where the bay window meets the house though so I don't think that one will be an issue because the roof isn't on the bay yet so I'm assuming that was the cause of that leak.  The other though I am concerned with because it is in the morning room near the doorway and the roof has been done on that area so I'm not sure what the issue could be.  The hubby is suppose to discuss it with the PM today so hopefully there will be a quick outcome we are happy with...
the unfinished areas of the front will be stone

the family room from the kitchen showing the start of the coffered ceiling

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kitchen Island Pendants

We finally decided on our kitchen island pendants and they are due to arrive to me Monday!! ... and this was after much frustration with the husband and I not seeing eye to eye on the look we were going for.  I had a fairly specific idea in my head so everything he was showing me was getting a pretty quick and sometimes harsh "NO".  Once I found these though and showed him he was quickly on board!

Pre Drywall Meeting

We had our pre drywall meeting yesterday since they are wanting to start the drywall this weekend.  Everything looked pretty good, although there were a few things the project manager noticed and is having the frame and electrical companies back out to fix.  Troy Granite is scheduled to template our granite Jan 23 so I have to get my sink picked and ordered asap.  This is the one we are thinking of going with (in cafe brown), we just need to wait to hear back from our project manager to make sure it will fit since it's slightly bigger then the standard one they use....

With all the non standards we are doing with the flooring and basement finishing the completion date has been moved back to be more towards the end of February...which is fine with us since we still have to get our current home rented out.