Saturday, November 30, 2013

Onto the second floor....

We got to drive out to the house this evening and everything is coming along nicely thus far. The only question we will have to ask about is a non load bearing pillar we were supposed to have removed from the kitchen area so the non standard island fits with enough walkway room around it. They have the frame in looking like the pillar is going in so we will have to see about that. Other then that we were excited to see all the windows we will have on the rear and side of the house.
Corner of house with the kitchen and morning room
Rear side of house with the sun room and office, egress moved to side instead of rear so we didn't have to worry about the well for it being in the back yard where the kids would be playing

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Frame progress....

With all the Thanksgiving preparations I made I didn't have a chance to post this earlier....  We took a drive over last night to see what had been done... We were excited to see the frame of the first floor was complete with the windows in place!!  Only took the one picture for obvious reasons in addition to it being freezing out, thanks to our lovely western pa weather. I'm sure we will head over again Saturday to snoop around during the day so hopefully there will be more progress and better pictures I can take!  Hope everyone had a happy and safe thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Selection Samples!!

I found our selection sheet from Rite Rug today, here are some sample pictures of some selections we made...

Wet Bar Cabinets, Granite, and Layout
Basement Wet Bar Backsplash
Kitchen Backsplash in 3x5 brick lay subway tile
Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Granite
Hardwood throughout Foyer, Hall (up & downstairs), Kitchen, Dining Room, Family Room,
Master,Morning Room,Sun Room, Powder Room,

Master Bath accent wall and accent band

Master Bath 12x24 tile-shower straight lay & floor brick lay / 12x12 straight lay for tub surround
Laundry Room tile 12x12

Both our Office areas

The only flooring selection I could not find a sample of was our carpet for the bedrooms and basement area ... it called "Enviro Supreme Color 882"

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Non Standard Kitchen Island

Here is a look at what our island will resemble minus the sink ... it is from the Heartland Homes Remington Place model ...

Why we chose the Avalon over the Waverly....

     We decided to go with the Avalon over the Waverly for several reasons, one of which was just to do something different.  Since moving into our Waverly there were several things we would discuss under the topic of "things we would do differently".  To start with ... the open family room with the fireplace.  When the fireplace is in use due to it being open the heat escapes the family room and goes straight upstairs.  In addition to that, having the open family room also causes the 4th bedroom to be very small.  The last family room reason is the rear staircase, we love having it however, having it cuts down the usable space in the living room because you have to leave a walkway between furniture and the staircase for optimal "flow".
     One of the oddest placements on the Waverly is the powder room.  Never thought anything of it till we moved in and entertained for the first time in our new home.  If you've not see then Waverly floor plan, the powder room is right off the kitchen.  Which if you utilize the open floor plan to entertain using the family room, kitchen, and morning room ... that gives anyone in the powder room ZERO privacy.
     Then there is the living room.  For us, it is the biggest waste of space ever.  The only thing we currently use it for is our Christmas tree every year.  Basically, for us, it is just a room that is nicely decorated with furniture.  We didn't like the idea of making this a playroom for our kids since it is in the from of the house and would be the first thing people see when they come in, not to mention that it is in the opposite corner of where we typically are and my kids are bother little and can not be unattended.
     The one thing I will miss about my Waverly is the laundry room, we did the extended laundry room.
     So when it came down to it, with the "tweaks" we were able to do to the Avalon, it just made better sense for our family.  The layout to us seems more functional and to flow better.  We love that we are both going to have our separate work spaces, that the family room is in the center of the home, the staircase, the separate master closets, and the size of all the bedrooms!

Frame!! Has begun...

House rear

Garage side

Foundation progress

View from our rear yard
Side yard looking into the back yard