Saturday, December 28, 2013

Brick, Electrical, and Plumbing Oh My!

We took a drive over to the house today and they have started the brick!  We are very happy with our brick choice and can't wait to see how the stone turns out with it.  There are other homes in our community with our brick but none of them have done the stone so we are a little nervous to see how it comes together.  Fingers crossed it will look awesome!
On the inside it looks like they have the plumbing done, hvac done, and good bit of the electrical underway.  Insulation has been sprayed and the wall for our basement media room was completed.
Every time I walk through the home I get more and more excited, I love the flow of everything and the layout is going to work perfectly for my family!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

And we have stairs ... Finally!!

After having to cancel 2 appointments with guardian due to the delay of our steps beig put in, they are finally in and we had our appointment. We are very excited about the way the house is looking, I can't wait till some of our finishes get put in. We finally got it ok'd to have a different edge put on our island and to have a different sink put in rather then the standard stainless. We are dealing directly with Troy Granite for that and they tell me they should be going to measure for the granite after the first of the year so it seems it's moving along nicely!  Here are some pics of the inside framework...
Entryway Stairs
Looking into the kitchen from the family room (the pillar was removed to make room for the non standard island)

Master Sitting Room
Master (from sitting room)
Looking into the master bath from the master / with the closet doorways on each side
Master Bath!
Part of the media room (frame not finished, will be walled off) and the playroom framed
Full media room except for the wall closing it off from the rest of the finished area

Completed Frame!

Front of our home - elevation "C"

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Frame Status Update...

Friday they completed the frame of our house.  The roof is ready to be shingled and everything.  It is looking so nice and we are so excited!  I didn't get to take pictures this weekend but we will be there Wednesday for our Guardian meeting so I will take some then!  The basement opening was covered with heaters going so we are thinking that means the concrete was poured for the basement.

I guess my only frustration at this point is with the paint topic right now.  We were quoted a price for Ryan's painters to paint the whole home a custom color of our choosing, we then realized we didn't want our children's rooms and their playroom painted the same as the rest of the home so we had them remove those from the quote ... and guess what??!!  The price didn't change!!  I would net anything if we added the 3 rooms later the price would have increased at LEAST $300.  Typical I guess, we shouldn't have been surprised especially since we aren't having them put any mirrors in the home since we want to do custom mirrors and they didn't even take $1 off the bill!!

I guess that is it for now, hopefully Wednesday I will have some good news and pictures to post!