Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

Well we are all moved into our new home ... and delayed, but as promised, here are the "before" pictures from move in day!!  Moving with 2 very active toddlers and zero help has been exhausting and slow moving to say the least.  While I have most of the main living area unpacked along with my kiddos rooms, I have a TON of organizing to do before I start taking some "after" pictures ... I will post those though as projects are completed...

Enjoy and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions on the process or on any of the options you see in our home.


  1. How are you settling in? I want to see some "post-move-in" pictures! I can't get over how gorgeous your home is!

    1. thank you! we are settling in SLOWLY! lol I grossly underestimated the process having 2 toddlers! We are showing our house for our sales rep on Saturday so I will try to take some pics and post them this weekend!