Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh the frustration...

So the missing shelves in the shower ... apparently our rep from Rite Rug is saying we declined getting them.  Which I know to be inaccurate because the main gripe I have about my current shower is lack of shelving for all our "products" ... so there is NO WAY I would ever say "forget it, don't even give me the shelf that is suppose to be standard!" especially when at one point we were debating between buying an extra 2 but then decided 3 shelves in that size shower may be overkill... and just decided to buy 1 extra, giving us 2 shelves.  So now we have 0!  And guess what, I'm sure we weren't given any kind of credit for the "included" shelf we didn't receive.  Ugh, I'm so irritated about this because now we will have to find someone to come and install some shelves for us after we close..
The moral to my venting is ... when you are asking for "non standards" make sure you keep a list of everything you are asking for, even the little stuff like shower shelves, and prior to signing anything double check your list.  Since you get answers about each item at different times, from different people, it gets hard to keep track of everything you asked for.  I will say though, our rep with Ryan Homes did excellent in keeping track of our requests and following up with our MANY requests!  Ok, I am done venting.

On another note, the remainder of our carpet is suppose to be installed, back splash fixed, and painting done this Thursday!  Which means Thursday night we will head over to check things out so hopefully I will have more pictures to post....

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